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Reload. Whoever hasn’t heard this name before should pay attention now (also the ones still looking for a Christmas present!). Reload is a possibility to carry your perfume wherever you go. The new spray is the first perfume product to boast a removable outer cover: the swappable ‘skins’ come in a multitude of colours, patterns and themes in plastic or metallic casings with an option to create bespoke designs and add the owner’s own personal style. The reload. mini-spray will also be the first ever atomiser to not only have a refillable vial that can be topped up with the scent of choice, while also offering 5ml pre-filled cartridges of some of the world’s favourite fragrances, ready to fit inside at a cost of just €5. Best-selling brands Hugo Boss, Givenchy and Issey Miyake are just a few of the examples. If you like a scent, you also get a 5€ voucher if you decide to buy it in it’s full size, so you basically get back the money you already spent! All in all: an amazing product to try new scents, to carry yours around or to surprise someone you love ♥ What do you think of reload? Leave me your opinion in the comments below!

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