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The best time in the whole year has started again: Roskilde Festival! Roskilde is unlike any other festival I’ve ever been to, the Orange Feeling is something that needs to be felt yourself to fully grasp what I mean. You basically feel like home, everyone is being so kind and you simply can’t be unhappy here. I am so glad I got the opportunity to return to Roskilde this year, so many great things already happened and we spontaneously got tattooed yesterday. In these photos from Day 1 (Pharell Williams, Ratking and more), I wore my boyfriend’s vintage jacket, a sweater and hat from H&M and River Island Jeans. The tote bag is from Rough Trade. To see more Roskilde experiences, follow me on Instagram (@goldensettings) and with the hashtag #roskildediaries and #RF15!

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