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Ziito Clothes Rail

Januar 13, 2019

I wanted to show you my beautiful new clothes rail from Ziito. They are a company from Copenhagen who design and produce industrial clothes rails for a modern home or shop interior. The products are regularly updated and optimized to fit their sustainable vision. They only use functional and strong materials to ensure the products last long. There are also clothes rails with shelves or on wheels, you can…

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Chosen Time

September 23, 2018

Even though I haven’t always been keen on wearing watches, my collection has certainly grown over the past years. With more and more jewellery in silver, gold or rose-gold, you don’t really have a choice but buy a suitable watch for every occasion. I’ve been looking for a perfect golden one since forever, until I have laid eyes on this beautiful Nixon Sala watch. Now it’s finally mine…


Analogue Roskilde Diary

August 13, 2018

DAY 1  We arrived at our house at about 5pm after a 7 hour drive, got some food and changed our clothes, then quickly left for the festival site. When you get there and continue through the large Backstage village, one of the first things you see are the many people and the impressive Orange stage to your right. Fun fact: it’s also the Orange stage’s 40th birthday…


In the meadow

Juli 17, 2018

These were taken in the backyard of our Roskilde home. The owners grew so many wild flowers around it that there were bees, butterflies and other insects all over. The meadow was full of life and we couldn’t have imagined a happier place to stay at during these days. Mange tak!…

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Roskilde 2018 • Dream City

Juli 9, 2018

Roskilde Festival is over and we’re back home, still reminiscing about what happened the last few days. We had such a great time, perfect weather (warm but also a bit windy) and the best festival and people around we could have wished for. I am leaving for Lissabon again on Wednesday, but in the meantime I will show you all my Roskilde 2018 outfits and impressions here on…

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Roskilde 2018 • A Warm Welcome

Juli 5, 2018

Hej Roskilde! With approximately 175 music acts in the line-up performing on eight stages and over 100,000 passionate music lovers gathered for a full week, Denmark’s Roskilde Festival is among the most cutting-edge and unique music festivals in the world. And we are here to provide you with a full coverage! It’s our fifth time here in Roskilde and we couldn’t be more excited. What you can expect is…