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Summer beauty favourites

Juni 9, 2018

As soon as temperatures go above 25° C, my body just doesn’t seem to be working quite as usual and all I can think about is the closest water hole. Is it just me or is summer both the best thing but a burden at the same time? Anyways, with suitable preparations, everything is possible. You know I’ve been a fond fan of providing you with my latest…


Beauty Favourites in Winter

Januar 12, 2018

Who doesn’t know? Short days, long nights. Heating air, cold wind and wetness. In winter you have to be prepared for a lot of things, especially when it comes to care and beauty issues. That’s why I decided to show you my absolute favourites, on-the-go products and life-savers to help you get through the cold season. For me, finding good products is always a bit difficult, as I…


Hugo Extreme

Dezember 5, 2016

May I introduce you to my new favourite perfume? Hugo Extreme is a new version of the classic Hugo fragrance from 1995, which comes in Eau de Parfum concentration and lifts the fragrance to a new level with an intensive, modern twist. The fragrance for women opens with sparkling notes of boysenberry and red Himalayan grass, announced as irresistibly fruity and adventurously fresh. As the scent develops, the power…


Reload, or: my new perfume mini-spray

Dezember 10, 2015

Reload. Whoever hasn’t heard this name before should pay attention now (also the ones still looking for a Christmas present!). Reload is a possibility to carry your perfume wherever you go. The new spray is the first perfume product to boast a removable outer cover: the swappable ‘skins’ come in a multitude of colours, patterns and themes in plastic or metallic casings with an option to create bespoke designs…

Beauty New In

Eternity now

September 10, 2015

Okay, now it’s official: I have a new favourite perfume. After being stuck on Marc Jacob’s perfumes for ages, I finally have a new scent that absolutely got me: Calvin Klein’s Eternity Now. Calvin Klein launched Eternity Now as an add-on to 1988’s Eternity and 1989’s Eternity for Men. Eternity Now evokes “the moment in time where you know it’s forever”, and follows 2014’s Eternity Night. The scent for…


Beauty Favourites: March

März 25, 2015

This month’s beauty favourites? Definitely oriented toward spring. The Gucci Flora Gracious Tuberose perfume is something I can’t really live without at the moment, it just smells so good and makes me feel totally comfortable. So does the Estée Lauder make-up – it doesn’t feel like  you’d be wearing anything on your skin at all, it’s so smooth and creamy. Before applying it, I use the Guerlain L’Or…