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10 reasons you should visit Roskilde Festival in Denmark at least once

August 10, 2017

1. Roskilde Festival is 100% non-profit. This means that no “sponsors” who want your email address and mobile phone number in exchange for a lighter or raincoat will bother you at the festival. Around 25,000 volunteers work on a voluntary basis to ensure that everything runs smoothly and, above all, in a relaxed manner. The millions of euros in profits that remain every year have been donated since…

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Roskilde Festival 2017 • Live concerts review

Juli 29, 2017

Nas Rain, miserable as it was, refused too dampen the spirits of more than 130,000 festival goers, and thousands piled into the Orange stage to break bread with old timer Nas. At his best, New York rapper Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones, aka Nas, was irreproachable on the Orange Stage. At his worst, he was illimatic – beyond it even, Nas showed the world what modern day hip-hop lacks,…

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Roskilde Festival 2017 • Kimono weather

Juli 18, 2017

This year’s Roskilde festival provided lots of rain, which stopped us from taking as many pictures as in the last years – anyways, I was able to capture my outfit from day 1 for you guys. I am wearing a Zara kimono, H&M sweater, black culottes and Dr. Martens boots. To be honest, I was reluctant to write this post because it means that the Roskilde Festival and…


Roskilde Festival 2017

Juli 2, 2017

To entertain around 130,000 people for over eight days and to offer more than just a few bands and beer stands is a huge task – one that the organizers of Roskilde Festival in Denmark face every year. They themselves do not advertise with the mere festival experience, but speak of a week full of “freedom and togetherness”. I remember the first time I visited Roskilde festival as…

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Down The Rabbit Hole-Festival 2017 • Outfit 2

Juni 29, 2017

The colder weather always gives me the opportunity to sort out all my photographs, taken throughout the past year. That’s when I stumbled upon some pictures from Down The Rabbit Hole Festival back in June I haven’t showed you until now! This is my outfit from day 2, wearing palazzo pants, an embroidered shirt and my favourite pink bomber jacket. There will be one other post about DTRH-Festival…

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Down The Rabbit Hole-Festival 2017 • Outfit 1

Juni 26, 2017

Another year, another festival outfit! I actually couldn’t quite wait to get this festivalseason started, as you might see in my facial expressions. These pictures were taken at Down The Rabbit Hole-Festival in Ewijk, which is located in the Netherlands and about a three hour drive from my home. It took place June 23-25 in De Groene Heuvels (The Green Hills) park which features a lovely sea in…