Backstage reports from the best festivals all around Europe. A combination of music, fashion and people.


Roskilde Festival 2017

Juli 2, 2017

To entertain around 130,000 people for over eight days and to offer more than just a few bands and beer stands is a huge task – one that the organizers of Roskilde Festival in Denmark face every year. They themselves do not advertise with the mere festival experience, but speak of a week full of “freedom and togetherness”. I remember the first time I visited Roskilde festival as…

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Down The Rabbit Hole-Festival 2017 • Outfit 2

Juni 29, 2017

The colder weather always gives me the opportunity to sort out all my photographs, taken throughout the past year. That’s when I stumbled upon some pictures from Down The Rabbit Hole Festival back in June I haven’t showed you until now! This is my outfit from day 2, wearing palazzo pants, an embroidered shirt and my favourite pink bomber jacket. There will be one other post about DTRH-Festival…

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Down The Rabbit Hole-Festival 2017 • Outfit 1

Juni 26, 2017

Another year, another festival outfit! I actually couldn’t quite wait to get this festivalseason started, as you might see in my facial expressions. These pictures were taken at Down The Rabbit Hole-Festival in Ewijk, which is located in the Netherlands and about a three hour drive from my home. It took place June 23-25 in De Groene Heuvels (The Green Hills) park which features a lovely sea in…

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NorthSide 2016 • Outfit 3

September 28, 2016

Not only the combination of t-shirt with slipdress has become really popular in the closets of it-girls all around the world, the jumpsuit is another trendy piece that we should keep an eye on – especially this fall. I also promise it fits basically every silhouette, you just have to emphasize the parts of your body you like. But how do I decide on the best jumpsuit for me?…

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NorthSide 2016 • Outfit 2

Juli 20, 2016

As we are all sweating in the sun and I am drinking cocktails by the pool, I finally found the time to prepare some more posts for you guys, because: semester break, yay! Starting with my second look from NorthSide Festival back in June, when it was way colder than the 34° C we are enduring right now. I was wearing an ASOS Jeans, H&M Boots, a Brandy…