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Blue Bedroom Dreams

November 3, 2017

After some time, I finally found the time to write a post here again. I am currently in the middle of a bedroom renovation process – we moved into the apartment the beginning of March and I’m already dissatisfied with our wall paint. At the moment, it’s still some kind of rosy-pinkish colour, which originally should turn out a little bit peachy. Unfortunately, the colour looked totally different…

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Interior Megapost: Our new home

Juni 5, 2017

After almost four months in the new home it finally looks acceptable enough for me to grant you a first insight. In the course of time some more things will certainly be added, also many things still to be changed. Perhaps it has to be said that nothing has been tidied up or decorated – everything looks the same as always. An authentic insight into our everyday life,…

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DIY • Copper Pipe Candleholder

Mai 30, 2016

Copper is no longer an interior secret anymore, even Ikea has incorporated the metal into their repertoire. Even I can’t unplug myself from that trend and that’s why I wanted to do a tutorial showing you how to create your own copper home accessories after being inspired by monochrome! Episode 1: The Copper Candleholder. Time: ca. 20-30 minutes What you need: Copper pipe (1 metre), 2 T-pieces, 4…

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The new stool – Giveaway

Juni 30, 2015

My room is becoming pretter each day! I was looking for a suitable stool for ages after owning the Ikea Marius stool since forever. Thanks to the amazing Stylefruits interior department, I finally found the perfect one. You should really go check out their page, they do have the latest interior pieces and are totally into the scandinavian style. They even have House Doctor items (which I am totally…

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Nothing gold can stay

April 22, 2015

Something new has made its way into my room! First seen on Zwillingsnaht‘s Instagram-feed, I bought this Ikea trellis to finally have some place where I can store my sunglasses.  Additionally, I printed out a couple of postcards with my own pictures here that add some lovely details to it. I just love having inspirational photos everywhere in my room, I have boxes full of prints to be…

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Your guide to having succulent plants

April 4, 2015

Successful Instagram-feeds and &OtherStories stores can’t do without them, the “trendy plants” of the fashion industry: succulents. On my own instagram I was asked quite a lot where I got mine and how I care for them, so I thought it’s time for a little excursion into the world of plants – I’ll tell you everything you need to know. You can buy succulents in every larger plant…

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Interior Inspiration

Februar 23, 2015

Semester break, you’re at home and the weather is crap? Well, that’s the point where I start doing online-shopping. And because my cravings aren’t limited to clothes at the moment, here it is: my February interior wishlist with furniture items I would buy right away if I only had the money! Poor me, having an all-time empty wallet. Besides, Julia and I are still looking for the perfekt…