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Chosen Time

September 23, 2018

Even though I haven’t always been keen on wearing watches, my collection has certainly grown over the past years. With more and more jewellery in silver, gold or rose-gold, you don’t really have a choice but buy a suitable watch for every occasion. I’ve been looking for a perfect golden one since forever, until I have laid eyes on this beautiful Nixon Sala watch. Now it’s finally mine…

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Roskilde 2018 • Dream City

Juli 9, 2018

Roskilde Festival is over and we’re back home, still reminiscing about what happened the last few days. We had such a great time, perfect weather (warm but also a bit windy) and the best festival and people around we could have wished for. I am leaving for Lissabon again on Wednesday, but in the meantime I will show you all my Roskilde 2018 outfits and impressions here on…

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Roskilde 2018 • A Warm Welcome

Juli 5, 2018

Hej Roskilde! With approximately 175 music acts in the line-up performing on eight stages and over 100,000 passionate music lovers gathered for a full week, Denmark’s Roskilde Festival is among the most cutting-edge and unique music festivals in the world. And we are here to provide you with a full coverage! It’s our fifth time here in Roskilde and we couldn’t be more excited. What you can expect is…

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10 reasons you should visit Roskilde Festival in Denmark at least once

August 10, 2017

1. Roskilde Festival is 100% non-profit. This means that no “sponsors” who want your email address and mobile phone number in exchange for a lighter or raincoat will bother you at the festival. Around 25,000 volunteers work on a voluntary basis to ensure that everything runs smoothly and, above all, in a relaxed manner. The millions of euros in profits that remain every year have been donated since…