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Christmas Gift Guide

Dezember 3, 2015

Let’s be honest: nobody likes giving scarves, perfume or (even worse) money as christmas presents. So why not give something else this year? I looked through the coolest online shops and tried my best to create a gift guide that helps you finding a present that really puts a smile on the face of your loved ones. Let’s start with electronical devices: everyone who’s a true music lover…


What’s in my Uni Bag

November 28, 2015

In case you ever wondered what my lunchbox looks like: here you are. As I’m already in my third semester (where did the time go??), I think the time has come to show you my daily uni essentials! I take notes in a Mead Composition Book, which I absolutely love, that’s why I bought about 10 of these when visiting New York last year. Right next to it…


My favourite apps

April 12, 2015

  As I own an iPhone now I guess the time has come to present you all my favourite apps and insider tips! I basically download so many apps, each one that sounds like it could be helpful or fun. I actually end up deleting most of them again, but here are some of my favs that I use almost everyday and which I don’t want to miss…

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Your guide to having succulent plants

April 4, 2015

Successful Instagram-feeds and &OtherStories stores can’t do without them, the “trendy plants” of the fashion industry: succulents. On my own instagram I was asked quite a lot where I got mine and how I care for them, so I thought it’s time for a little excursion into the world of plants – I’ll tell you everything you need to know. You can buy succulents in every larger plant…

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What’s in my bag?

Februar 8, 2015

Ich weiß nicht, wie lange ich schon einen “What’s in my bag?”-Post machen wollte, aber mit Sicherheit schon eine Ewigkeiten. Es braucht erst Semesterferien, bis ich mich dann wirklich mal ausraffe und den Inhalt meiner Tasche auskippe. So ordentlich wie auf den Bildern sieht’s da drin nämlich selten aus. Die Tasche ist von Deena & Ozzy, die habe ich bei Urban Outfitters in New York gekauft. Mein Kalender…