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DIY • Copper Pipe Candleholder

Mai 30, 2016


Copper is no longer an interior secret anymore, even Ikea has incorporated the metal into their repertoire. Even I can’t unplug myself from that trend and that’s why I wanted to do a tutorial showing you how to create your own copper home accessories after being inspired by monochrome! Episode 1: The Copper Candleholder.

Time: ca. 20-30 minutes
What you need: Copper pipe (1 metre), 2 T-pieces, 4 L-pieces (90°), a pipe cutter, a ruler, a pencil, tape. You can get all this stuff in your trusted hardware store, I got mine from Hellweg.

And that’s how it’s done:1..

Step 1: Start by cutting the copper pipe with the cutter. You will need 1x 15cm, 4x 20cm and 1x 5cm. Place the pipe cutter around the pipe and tighten the screw, but you still need to be able to turn the cutter. Repeat this until the pipe is cut through. But be careful, the pipe can be sharp-edged!IMG_0217

Step 2: Now you can start sticking the pipes together. To prevent the pieces from loosening, you can use tape and wrap it around the edges of your pipes. Alternatively you can glue them together at the expense of flexibility.
Put two of the 10cm into the lower holes of your T-pieces. The 5cm piece fits into the upper hole of one of the T-pieces. You can connect both pieces with another 10cm piece.2..

Step 3: Connect each of the lower ends of your 10cm pieces with an L-piece. One side will be connected with a 15cm piece and another L-piece, the other side a 10cm piece and an L-Piece (look at the photos for better understanding).IMG_0235Done! Isn’t your new candleholder lovely?

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