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Mother’s Day

April 29, 2016

As Mother’s Day is knocking on our doors (May 8th), I took this as a chance to go through my favourite gift ideas for my mom and present them to you. As you can see, my mom really loves poppies, they’re her favourite flowers, so this collage is mainly inspired by flowers and the colour red. Beginning with the lovely bedsheets from sieh-an, which are perfect for spring and summer. In Germany, we would probably say “ein Bett im Blumenfeld”. Flower-inspired as well is the scent Flower by Kenzo, which you can easily take with you with a reload mini-spray. Speaking of beauty, red lipstick can’t be missing! This one’s from Topshop. If your mum isn’t that much into beauty, you can always give her jewellery, right? This cute bracelet is from Pelina bijoux and you can customize it! The red Eames-inspired chair is from cultfurniture, the Paris Street Style book is from Amazon. Last but not least, I always love making mixtapes for my mum. We (kind of) share the same interest in music, and I think it’s a beautiful and very personal (but also cheap) way to tell her how much you love her.

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